AC Service Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I maintenance my air conditioner?

    Absolutely. Professional maintenance goes beyond what a typical homeowner is equipped to deal with, including things like checking your refrigerant level and cleaning the evaporator coil. Having a professional examine your air conditioner once or twice a year will also help catch problems while they’re still small and manageable.
  • How long does an air conditioner last?

    Good air conditioners can last as long as 15 years if they’re properly maintained, but average air conditioners are expected to develop problems after a couple of years if they are not properly maintained and cleaned. If you want to get the most out of your new system, check your filters monthly and replace them as needed, keep your outdoor unit clean and free of debris, and shade the unit during the hottest parts of the day. By performing a little easy maintenance, you can greatly extend the life of your air conditioner and keep it working at its best.
  • Will a new air conditioner save me money?

    Definitely. An air conditioner that’s 10 years old maybe 60 percent less efficient than a brand new baseline unit. Today’s energy-efficient models do a lot more cooling with a lot less electricity, keeping operating costs low.
  • How do I know it’s time for a new air conditioner?

    Once your air conditioner has passed its seventh year, it’s likely that any major repair is going to be more expensive than replacing the unit. Older units that are showing signs of trouble and need frequent visits from the repairman, will add up, making it easier to just replace than maintain.
  • Is my air conditioner working correctly?

    Air conditioners that suddenly start making new noises or produce new smells should be checked right away. Other signs that your unit is having problems include it's running constantly despite temperatures changes, blowing warm air into the room, or utility bills that increase dramatically despite normal usage.